8 Industries That Use Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is all around us and It’s hard to miss their utilization. From pin to space rockets, you’ll find them as a key component everywhere. Its versatility confirms its multiple usage for many things in the future. There are many stainless steel manufacturers in India who cater to various industries.

Take a quick look at 8 industries that use stainless steel: 

Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry

Many aircrafts depend on high heat and cold resistance factors found in stainless steel. No matter if it’s a freezing vacuum space or a dramatic heat, engines in a rocket tend to put stainless steel to its pace.

Water & Waste Processing

When it comes to water treatment, corrosion resistance is vital. Which is why, stainless steel is a good option as it’s easier to clean and resists corrosion in a better way when compared to others that are regularly exposed  to corrosive elements.

Nuclear Plants

If we talk about a regular nuclear plant, it depends on stainless steel for its longevity and safe operation. Some of the common properties of stainless steel are its strength, corridor resisting quality and durability. This is why it makes the best choice for use in extreme, potentially volatile and highly delicate conditions.  

Science Labs and More

At any scientific lab, it is highly important to have an extremely sterile environment. This is where stainless steel plays a vital role. The nonporous surface of stainless steel and its ease of sterilization has made it a preference for many scientific labs. Even more than aluminum.

Commercial and Professional Kitchen

From saucepans to cutlery and sinks, a commercial kitchen is highly dependent on stainless steel due to its quality to withstand cold and hot temperature. Apart from that, stainless steel’s corrosion-resistant surface makes it perfect for holding food sold, otherwise damaging their containers. And because it is easy to clean, stainless steel reduces bacteria buildup that could eventually cause food poisoning.

Construction Industry

 In the construction industry, stainless steel made an entry during the art-deco period. During this time, it was very common to find the upper portion of a building made of stainless steel. The properties and success rate of stainless steel leads it to achieve more prominence in buildings today more than it did back in those days.

Chemical Processing, Oil and Gas Industry

In this industry there is a large market for stainless steel conditions. Its uses in the industry range from pipes, pumps, valves,tanks and more. The versatility of stainless steel made it a popular choice in the oil and gas industry. In the chemical industry, stainless steel also comes handy to successfully store dilute nitric acid. There are special grades that have  been developed to cater to the use of this metal. 

Power Generating Industry

If you thought that renewable energy was left behind, then you are mistaken. As the world of technology evolves, hydro, solar, geothermal and wind power utilize stainless steel in a big manner. The composition of stainless steel makes it withstand different environments that it is exposed to in the industry. 

In other applications, the paper manufacturing industry also uses stainless steel because it doesn’t contaminate the final product. Many other industries such as pharmaceutical and chemical, use this material for the same reasons, including its atypical endurance.

If you’re a part of any kind of industry, there is a high chance that you deal with stainless steel on a daily basis. If you are a stainless steel supplier in India, It’s easy to see how deeply integrated it has become in our industries. Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about the disappearance of a metal alloy.  It’s for sure that Stainless steel will stay for a long time, and the world functions much better because of it.

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