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Difference between Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

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Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is based on certain criteria, which, if followed, would come under the carbon steel category. The few points or the standards to be kept in mind before classifying into the same are-

Also, it is said that the carbon steel, which is truly that way, must have less to nil alloying elements. This would lead to the making of carbon steel only by two elements: carbon and iron.

Carbon steel can be of two broad categories, namely- traditional carbon steel, and the other one is the low alloy steel. These are often more resistant, strong, rigid, and stiff, and better in corrosion resistance than traditional carbon steel. The low alloy steel is sometimes called carbon steel only. 

The types of carbon steel are-

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is made around a few basic things, which is the one key property of amazing corrosion resistance, which would further lead to the great heights of chromium and lesser carbon content. The mechanical properties of this steel would vary accordingly, apart from the corrosion resistance. The stainless steel suppliers also provide the best steel in the name of austenitic stainless steel, along with the corrosion resistance property; it is easily welded and machined for use. These steels are used for a variety of daily and regular things items. Also, these are made with highly waterproof technology, making their use even more vast and reliable. However, they are not made for heat treatment.

The types of stainless steel in the market are as follows-

In the endpoint, there is just one significant difference between the two; one consists of carbon, and the other does not possess carbon.

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