Everything you need to know about SS steel

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Stainless steel is also known as SS steel. It is one of the most versatile alloys ever. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron. Iron is mixed with various other substances to create SS steel. It is used in various industries due to the fact that it is highly versatile. In this blog, we will learn everything you need to know about SS Steel.

What is SS steel?

SS steel is an alloy made up of various substances. Iron is mixed with carbon, nickel, and other substances to create this alloy. SS 310 chemical composition makes it highly durable. Even non-metals are used to create ss steel. This alloy has many applications ranging from airspace to everyday kitchen utensils.

How is SS steel made?

SS steel is made from a mixture of metals and non-metals. Stainless steel is made up of elements like iron, carbon nickel, chromium, etc. Due to the presence of chromium, ss steel is highly durable and corrosive resistant. All these substances are heated together and molded into one single piece. The end result of which is called ss steel. All the elements that go into the making of ss steel make it quite durable and strong. It is important to know that ss steel has various types. The mixture of elements in different ratios gives birth to different types of stainless steel.

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Properties of SS Steel

Stainless steel has several properties that are desirable by a lot of people. One of the best properties of ss steel is its resistance to corrosion. Due to this property, it has a high demand. SS steel also has high tensile strength. Due to this property, SS steel has a high level of demand in the airspace sector. SS steel is highly durable. It is also temperature resistant. The properties of ss steel make it highly desirable. It is also low maintenance and does not require much attention after it has been set up.

Uses of SS Steel

Stainless steel has a lot of applications. Due to its versatility, it is used in several industries. Following are the sectors that require ss steel:

1) Catering and food Industry:

Due to the fact that stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and heat, it is used in the food industry. Utensils and kitchenware are made up of ss steel. SS steel is also used to make other kitchen accessories. It is also used to create cookware like cutlery. Even fridges, dishwashers, and countertops are made up of stainless steel.

2) Civil Engineering:

Due to its resistance to corrosion, it is highly desired as a material for construction. SS Steel rods are used to make the structure strong. SS steel is also heat resistive.

3)  Power Plants:

Usually, power plants require materials that can resist high temperatures. It also requires materials that are sturdy and takes extreme pressure. This is the reason why power plants require ss steel.

4) Ships-making Industry:

Stainless steel is used in the making of cargo tanks. Austenitic grade steel is used for inland navigation tankers. SS steel is also used in shipbuilding due to the fact that it is highly durable.

5) Medical Industry:

Due to the fact that stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, it is used in the medical industry. SS steel has chromium mixed in it thus, it is scratch and dent resistant. The presence of nickel makes the surface smooth and polishable.

6) Storage Tanks:

SS steel is used in making storage tanks for petroleum and food products. These products can damage a steel tank. But since ss steel is corrosion resistant, it can be freely used in making such tanks.

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