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Get the best SS 304 Price at Shalco Industries

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What is stainless steel 304?

Stainless steel 304 is a type of Iron alloy. It gets its name from its ability to resist types of corrosion. SS 304 is one of the most durable alloys of iron. Due to its corrosion-resistive properties, it is one of the widely used alloys. It is an alloy of iron that contains high levels of chromium and nickel. It also contains some non-metals. This alloy is known for its electrical and thermal conductivity. It has magnetic properties, but it isn’t as magnetic as other types of steel.

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About SS 304 Alloy

SS 304 stainless steel is corrosion-resistant to many types of environments. It gets corroded in warm chloride environments. It gets pitting and crevice corrosion under these environments. It is subjected to stress corrosion cracking above the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Chemical composition of 304 SS

% 304 304L 304H
C 0.0 – 0.07 0.0 – 0.03 0.0 – 0.08
Mn 0.0 – 2.0 0.0 – 2.00 0.0 – 2.0
Si 0.0 – 1.00 0.0 – 1.00 0.0 – 1.0
P 0.0 – 0.05 0.0 – 0.05 0.0 – 0.04
S 0.0 – 0.03 0.0 – 0.02 0.0 – 0.02
Cr 17.50 – 19.50 17.50 – 19.50 17.00 – 19.00
Ni 8.00 – 10.50 8.00 – 10.50 8.00 – 11.00
Fe Balance Balance Balance
N 0.0-0.11 0.0-0.11 0.0 – 0.10


Applications of Stainless Steel

SS 304 has several applications. This is due to the fact that stainless steel 304 is one of the best alloys of iron. SS 304 has a variety of household and industrial applications. Applications like food handling and processing equipment, machinery parts, screws, utensils, and exhaust manifolds require SS 304. This alloy is also used in the architectural field due to its strength. It is used for handling exterior accents like water and fire features. This version of stainless steel is a common coil material for vaporizers. Stainless steel 304 is also used in construction. According to reports, 304 stainless steel was used to clad the Gateway Arch in Missouri. At Shalco Industries, you will get the best grade 304 SS. We also provide the best SS 304 price.

304L Stainless steel

SS 304L is a low-carbon version of stainless steel 304. It is used in heavy gauge components. This is due to its improved weldability. Some of the products, like plates and pipes, may be available as dual-certified material. It meets the criteria of both 304 and 304L. This grade of stainless steel is one of the most versatile and widely used stainless steel. It is also sometimes referred to as 18/8 due to its composition. The 18 number stands for 18% chromium, and 8 stands for 8% nickel.

304H Stainless steel

304 H stainless steel is a high-carbon variant. This alloy is available to use at high temperatures. It is a modification of the SS 304. Due to its high carbon content, this alloy has increased strength. It has increased tensile and yield strength. Some of the benefits of 304H include greater heat resistance properties. It also has great long and short-term creep strength. This alloy is commonly found in oil refineries, gas, and chemical industry. It is also used in industrial boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipelines, and condensers. This alloy is widely used in the power generation industry.

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