Major applications of SS Plate and SS Welding Rod

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Stainless Steel is one of the high-demanded materials for varied reasons. From its ability to withstand extreme conditions and other externalities like pollution, rough weather, and alike, resistance against corrosion, durability, and ease of formability, stainless steel makes for an absolute choice of material in various sectors, including Manufacturing, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Process, Shipbuilding, Electronics, and alike. With a composition of carbon, iron, and traces of alloying elements like nickel, chromium, manganese, sulfur, and alike, stainless steel is known as a ‘green material’ for its recovery rate of almost 100%.

Yes, the material is 100% recyclable and does not leach compounds when in contact with water or similar substances. This makes it a planet-friendly material that can be used extensively without scarring Mother Earth.

Features of Stainless Steel

  • It offers great resistance to corrosion
  • It has a high tensile strength making it a great choice in varied industries
  • It offers great formability. It can be easily made into tubes/sheets
  • It can withstand externalities like harsh environments, pollution and alike
  • Stainless steel makes a great choice for aesthetics owing to its sleek and lustrous appearance
  • Stainless steel has the power to withstand great pressure and temperatures
  • Stainless steel is highly preferred for its long-lasting and great durability

Stainless Steel Plates

One of the major features of stainless steel is its great formability. The material can be turned into varied shapes and sizes depending on the requirements of the end user. SS Plate and SS Welding rod are some highly used forms in various sectors such as machine parts, process equipment, product strengthening materials, support parts, and alike.

Stainless steel plates come in varied sizes. Apart from the standard ratio, the stainless steel plate can be carved as per demand and can be polished to shine before delivery.

Stainless steel plates are available in varied grades, including 304 and 316 being the most commonly demanded grades, and 310S, 904L, Duplex, and many more. The plates are used in an array of industries like construction, transportation, food service applications, and chemical, marine, and textile industries. The plates have a shiny and sleek appearance and are used in the aforementioned sectors in various forms.

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Stainless Steel Welding Rod

Stainless steel is rolled into rod-like structures for use in various sectors like power plants, construction, food, electronics, manufacturing, aviation, and more. One of the common welding rods preferred for welding stainless steel is AWS E308L or E316L rods. These stainless steel rods are made using a similar alloy as the base steel metal being welded and are designed to produce a long-lasting and strong weld with excellent resistance to corrosion. Other stainless steel welding rods include E309L and E310 rods, which are majorly used for welding stainless steel. It is crucial to match the stainless rod to the type & grade of stainless steel being welded for optimum or best results.

SS welding rod is highly used to weld stainless steel as they offer excellent crack resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength. They are used in various manufacturing sectors for everlasting support and connectivity to other stainless steel parts.

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