Some of the Most Common Use of Stainless Steel

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From the smallest zipper to the greatest skyscraper, stainless steel is a vital part of modern living.

Stainless steel, widely known for its strength, resistance to corrosion, and low maintenance, makes an ideal material for a wide variety of applications across various sectors. It also has a longer life cycle as compared to other metals and is 100% recyclable, thus known as a ‘green material.’ There are around 100+ grades of stainless steel, of which 15 are commonly used in our everyday applications like manufacturing, processing, cooking, and alike. Stainless steel is made to be used in various forms, including stainless steel plate, bars, stainless steel sheet, and stainless steel pipe or tubing for use in industrial and domestic settings.

A wide spectrum of the industry relies on stainless steel, including construction, automotive, and many high-tech industries. For its great ease of use, its demand is only gaining an upward push encouraging manufacturers to pursue the production of this widely used material.

Architecture and Construction

Stainless steel first gained prominence in construction during the art-deco period. Just to let you know, the upper portion of the Chrysler Building was constructed using stainless steel.

Due to its flexibility, strength, and excellent resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is now widely used in modern construction. It is used in the external cladding for larger buildings and can be seen in the interiors, too, like handrails, backsplashes, countertops, and more.

Stainless steel can be easily welded, has an attractive finish, and is low maintenance. All these features secure it a place in contemporary architecture, including the Eurostar Terminal in London, the Helix Bridge in Singapore, and more.

The emerging trend toward building sustainable also favors this great metal as stainless steel is. 100% recyclable. Stainless steel in grain or polished finish invites natural light into the building, thereby reducing energy consumption significantly.

Automotive and Transportation

For the first time, Stainless steel was used in the automotive industry in the 1930s by the Ford Motor Company to create various concept cars.

Today, the use of this metal in the automotive industry is sharply increasing. It is used in trim and grills, car exhaust systems, and more. The new emission reduction standards and environmental concerns are emboldening manufacturers to favor the use of stainless steel in structural components too.


Stainless steel is an ideal material to be used for hygienic environments as it can be easily sterilized, offering great resistance to corrosion. It is predominantly used in the construction of surgical and dental instruments, as well as other medical equipment like steam sterilizers, cannulas, MRI scanners, kidney dishes, and operating tables, to name a few.

Energy and Heavy Industries

The Oil and Gas, and other heavy industries operate in challenging environments that involve high heat and toxic substances. Special grades of stainless steel have been manufactured for use in these industries, which feature great resistance to corrosion over a range of temperatures. High-grade stainless steel is crucial in areas of construction of storage tanks, stainless steel pipes, and other components.

Super duplex steel is used for its high strength. It can be formed in large sheets to minimize welding and maximize structural integrity. Its excellent strength also reduces the need for extra structural support and foundations, thereby reducing construction costs.

Food and Catering

Stainless steel and its products are used as kitchen essentials like cutlery and cookware. Less ductile grades of stainless steel are mainly used in the making of knife blades with sharp edges. Ductile grades of this steel are used to produce items that have to be molded to form required shapes, such as cookers, sinks, grills, and saucepans. Stainless steel is also used as an aesthetically viable material for refrigerators, freezers, countertops, and dishwashers.

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