What are the Major Uses of Seamless Pipes?

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Stainless steel seamless pipes can be commonly found in residential walls, commercial and industrial facilities underground and inside them, and labs. Fluids, including water, waste, natural gas, and air, are passed through seamless pipes. In order to manufacture seamless steel pipes, three manufacturing processes exist.

Stainless steel seamless pipes are made using an extrusion mold. These seamless steel pipes are considerably affordable or priced reasonably. Casting is the third method. Through a casting mold, the molten or lava steel is poured.

The desired alternative for methods in the following conditions is our steel pipes and seamless tubes:

  • violent media (e.g. lye and acid)
  • elevated or high temperatures
  • elevated pressure

Uses and Applications of Seamless Pipes 

Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is equipment created from one medium to another for efficient and seamless heat transfer. The major application areas of the Stainless Steel Seamless pipes include heat exchanger tubes, apparatuses, and heat exchangers used in piping systems.

Fertilizer Industry

The main areas of application in the fertilizer industry majorly include the following: Melamine plants, high-pressure seamless tubes and piping systems, apparatus, and heat exchangers of urea synthesis plants – ethylene.

 Power generation and Environmental Technologies

Seamless pipes are used primarily for heat exchangers in power plants and the energy sector. Environmental sophisticated systems and waste incineration plants also have the same field of application, namely, reheaters and superheaters.

Develop Ship-building for International Clients

In the fields of discovery and innovation, manufacturing, and processing, seamless pipes are used for shipbuilding. Stainless Steel 304 Pipes are used widely in ship construction.

Oil and Gas Applications 

Stainless steel seamless pipe has a strong application in the Oil and Gas sector. It is used for oil casing and tubing for offshore and onshore, also in the domains of Production, Exploration & Processing.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering & Construction

Seamless pipes are used in mechanical & plant engineering and construction in the following fields: food manufacturing, automobile technology, measurement & control technology, pumps, hydraulic cylinders, etc. Seamless stainless-steel pipes are known as a half-finished product for fittings. Seamless tubes and pipes of flange output are called half-finished products for radially machined parts.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive field, seamless pipes are mostly used in hydraulic braking systems and alike. Seamless stainless steel pipes are used in the braking system, and various machine parts, requiring an effective material that can withstand corrosion in external conditions.

Project Services

Seamless pipes are used in petroleum, connecting water, gas, and other commonly known fluids. Seamless steel pipes or seamless tubes are common and can be found in residential walls, labs, and commercial or industrial structures underground.

High Temperature and Pressure Service

For greater temperature and pressure operation, seamless pipes or seamless tubes are a preferable option. They are used in the applications like containers, heating pipelines, and high-temperature reheaters.

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