What is Monel 400?

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Monel 400 is a type of nickel-copper alloy that is known for its excellent corrosion resistance properties. Monel metal is composed primarily of nickel and copper. Monel metal is an alloy of nickel, copper, and other elements like iron and silicon. It also has small amounts of iron, manganese, and other trace elements. Monel 400 is named after one of its key components, nickel. This material is also known as UNS N04400 or Alloy 400.

Key Features and Characteristics of Monel 400:  –


1. Corrosion Resistance: 

One of the primary reasons that the Monel 400 is popular is its outstanding resistance to various corrosive environments. This includes seawater, acids, alkaline solutions, and industrial gases. This makes it ideal for applications in marine and chemical industries.

2. High Strength: 

Monel 400 has good mechanical properties. It offers high strength and excellent toughness even at sub-zero temperatures. Due to this property, Monel 400 is widely used in various industries.

3. Low Magnetic Permeability: 

This nickel-copper alloy exhibits low magnetic permeability. This makes it suitable for applications where magnetic interference needs to be minimized. The low magnetic permeability of the Monel metal makes it popular in various industries.

4. Thermal Stability: 

Monel 400 can withstand a wide range of temperatures. This makes it suitable for use in both cryogenic and elevated-temperature environments. Monel metal is an alloy that is made up of nickel and copper. This is the reason that the Monel 400 can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

5. Non-Sparking: 

Monel 400 is a non-sparking alloy. It can be beneficial in applications where sparks could pose a safety risk. It is one of the best properties of Monel metal.

Alloy 400, or Monel 400, has a unique combination of properties. Monel 400 is used in various applications. It is used in making Marine components like propeller shafts, pump shafts, and valves due to their resistance to seawater corrosion. It is also used in making chemical processing equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, and vessels where resistance to various corrosive chemicals is essential. Monel 400 is also used in the oil and gas industry. It is particularly used in marine environments and equipment exposed to brine solutions. Alloy 400 also has aerospace and defense applications. This is due to its non-sparking and high-strength properties. Apart from this, Monel Metal 400 is also used in electronics and electrical components where low magnetic permeability is necessary.

Overall, Monel 400 is a versatile alloy known for its corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. This alloy is suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

Monel is used in the making of items like heat exchangers, screw machine items, wind equipment, channeling frameworks, fuel and water tanks, kitchen sinks, and roofing material. Following are some of the applications of Monel 400:

  1. Chlorinated Solvents
  2. Crude Oil Distillation Towers
  3. Ethyl Chloride Purification
  4. HF Alkylation
  5. HF reboilers
  6. Marine Components
  7. Marine Splash Zone Sheathing
  8. MEA Reboilers
  9. Oil Well Recovery Pumps
  10. Salt Production
  11. Salt Residual Compounds
  12. Shafting Wire Netting for Insulation

Chemical Composition of Monel 400: –

Element Percentage (%)
Nickel + Cobalt 63-70%
Manganese 2.0%
Silicon 0.50%
Cobalt 1.00%
Iron 2.5%
Sulfur 0.024%
Carbon 0.30%
Copper Balance

Hot Forming of Monel 400: 

Monel metal alloy 400 can be subjected to a hot or cold working cycle. The flow of hot working of Monel 400 lies between 1700 degrees Fahrenheit to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal working temperature of Monel 400 is about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corrosion Resistance of Monel 400: 

Monel 400 shows a good range of resistance to corrosion. Likewise, it is more resistant to attacks by oxidizing media than other copper-based alloys. It shows resistance to many substances like alkalis, salts, saline or brackish water, food products, organic food, etc.

Overall, Monel is one of the best alloys and has a wide range of uses. For more information regarding alloys like Monel and Inconel, visit the Shalco site. We offer a wide range of products that includes Monel alloy and Inconel alloy. Contact us for more information regarding steel and nickel alloys.

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