Things Made of Iron

Iron is a versatile and widely used metal that has been used for thousands of years. Here are some common things made of iron:
  1. Tools: Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other hand tools are often made of iron or steel.
  2. Machinery: Many industrial machines, such as turbines, engines, and generators, are made of iron and steel.
  3. Buildings: Iron is used in construction to make structural supports, beams, and columns.
  4. Vehicles: Cars, trucks, and other vehicles often have iron or steel parts, such as engines, frames, and wheels.
  5. Household Items: Iron is used to make cookware, cutlery, and other household items such as ironing boards.
  6. Infrastructure: Bridges, dams, and other large-scale infrastructure projects often use iron and steel in their construction.
  7. Art: Iron can be used to create sculptures, decorative items, and even jewelry.
  8. Weapons: Iron has been used to make swords, spears, and other weapons for thousands of years.
Overall, iron is an important and versatile material that plays a crucial role in many aspects of modern society.