Welded Pipes & Tubes

At our manufacturing unit we undertake production of welded tubes and pipes. Tubes and pipes are processes using electric resistance welding (ERW) and cold drawing method. In this process coils are slit into custom width to achieve desired size. These strips are passed through roll-forming mill forming a tubular shape. These tubular shapes are further passes through a high resistance electric welder (ERW) where the edges of tubular shapes are welded under pressure forming a clean and stronger bond than parent material. This process can be achieved in wide range of raw materials.

At this stage the tubes and pipes can be used for less demanding application in industries such as furniture industry, food industry etc. These pipes are known as as-weld pipes; they are cost effective and can be manufactured with a short lead time as no further processes are needed.

Further these tubes can be cold drawn until the desired size is achieved. Superior quality of welded tubes can be achieved using the blend of both processes. ERW pipes are cost-effective and manufacturing is done on a large scale as compared to seamless tubing.

ERW Manufacturing Process