Austenitic SS 253MA

Austenitic SS 253MA

Grade 253MA is a stainless steel containing excellent service properties at higher temperatures with ease of fabrication. 253 MA stainless steel has a fairly low nickel content yet higher chromium, silicon, nitrogen, and cerium content due to which it gets its desired properties.

Grade 253 MA stainless steel is resistant to oxidation at temperatures up to 1150°C and can offer superior service to grade 310 in the atmosphere with carbon, nitrogen and sulfur content. Grade 253MA with its fairly low nickel content gives it some benefit in the atmosphere with reducing sulfide as compared to high nickel alloys and grade 310.


SS 253 MA S30185 1.4835 NO NAME SS JJ
1.4835 X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2 2377 SUS253MA

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Grade 253 MA has good stability for oxides due to the inclusion of its high chromium, silicon, nitrogen and cerium content, creep strength at higher temperatures and excellent resistance to sigma precipitation.

Talking about the excellent toughness of the grade 253 MA, the austenitic structure is the reason, and it’s even effective down to cryogenic temperatures. Stainless steel 253 MA is lean austenitic steel is a heat resistant alloy with better strength and extra-ordinary oxidation resistance. 

This whole set of information contains a 253MA stainless steel datasheet, make sure you read it to the fullest.

Physical properties

Grade Density
Elastic Modulus
Mean Co-eff of Thermal Expansion (μm/m/°C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Specific Heat(0-100°C) Electrical Resistivity
253 MA 7.8 200 0-100°C 0-315°C 0-538°C at 100°C at 500°C ( J/kg.K) 850
17 18.5 19.5 15 25.5 500

253 MA chemical composition

The 253 MA chemical composition helps it to maintain proper heat resistant properties due to its small micro-alloy units in a controlled manner. SS 253MA gets its superior oxidation resistance up to 2000°F due to a higher combination of silicon.

GRADE   CR Ni Si Cu Ce N Mn S P Fe
SS 253MA MIN 20 10 1.4 28 0.03 0.14
MAX 22 12 2 34 0.08 0.2 0.8 0.03 0.04 BALANCE

Another factor of 253 MA chemical composition contains relatively low chromium and nickel contents. SS 253 MA has the same high-temperature properties as nickel-based alloys in many applications. The combined addition of niobium and silicon gives the material an extra-ordinary oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1093 °C.

In grade 253MA or UNS S30185, the combined addition of nitrogen, carbon and niobium makes it a strong for creep as high as that of grade 310 and 309 at temperatures like 871 °C. 253 MA has proper oxidation resistance at temperatures below 1093 °C, and after this temperature, its oxidation resistance will start decreasing.

253MA Vs 316 stainless steel

Grade 253MA or UNS S30185 has minimal resistance to aqueous corrosion. But did you know when we compare 253MA Vs 316 stainless steel, high chromium and nitrogen contents in grade 253 MA give it high pitting resistance when we compare to 316 grades.  253MA however has a higher carbon content so it is highly susceptible to sensitization. This reduces aqueous corrosion resistance, especially in high-temperature service or fabrication.


The metallic elements of silicon and rare earth elements in the grade 253MA are the reason for its excellent oxidation resistance. The rare earth element increases the diffusion rate of silicon and constantly produces an oxide layer of SiO 2 silica, which brings down the development of oxidation.

The rare earth element metal is also the reason for the adhesion and elasticity of the oxide layer and can even work great under cyclic environments. Lanthanum in the dominant rare earth elements which enhances the nucleation sites of oxides to create an advanced chromia and silica tissue layer.


253MA stainless steel have various applications with materials like 253MA stainless steel pipe, sheets, plates and so many more…

But here are some of the common applications:

  • Burners, Boiler Nozzles
  • Petrochemical and refinery tube hangers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Expansion bellow
  • Stack dampers
  • Expansion Bellow
  • Styrene reactor tubes
  • electric heater elements

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