Austenitic SS Sanrico 28 Pipes and Tubes

Austenitic SS Sanrico 28 Pipes and Tubes

Sanicro 28 is a high-alloy multi-purpose austenitic stainless steel for service in highly corrosive
conditions. It is a multipurpose stainless steel alloy characterized by high corrosion resistance in
multiple environments, such as those containing strong acids and those that are stressful.

Chemical Composition

GRADE   Cr Ni Mo Mn Si P Cu S C Cu Fe
ALLOY 28 Min 26 30 3 1 0.75
Max 28 32 4 2 0.7 0.03 2 0.01 0.02 1.5 BALANCE


Sanicro 28 Seamless Pipe/ Tubes  : ASTM/ASME B 668 / SB 668
Sanicro 28 ERW Pipe/ Tubes         : ASTM/ASME B 668 / SB 668


ALLOY 28 N08028 1.4563 X1NiCrMoCuN25-20-5 2584 Z1NCDU31-27-03

Production Process

Alloy 28 or UNS N10276 are manufactured through processes such as ERW ( Electric
Resistance Welded), Seamless and EFW ( Electric Fusion Welding). Sanicro 28 pipe
Sanicro 28 tube have different forms such as round, square, rectangle etc. having specific end
as Plain End, Bevel End and Threaded End with nominal thickness of different schedule ranging
from SCH 5 to SCH XXS.

Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
[MPA] [MPA] (% in 50mm) min
Sanicro 28 500 214 40

The process through which alloy 28 pipe and alloy 28 tube can be manufactured include cold
pilgering process, Extrusion process, tube mill Process also Piercing process followed by heat
treatment and mechanical testing.

Heat Treatment

Alloy 28 or Sanicro 28 has an entirely austenitic structure due to its very high nickel content.
The alloy is sensitive to intermetallic phase precipitation when heat is treated between 700 and
1100°C (1292 and 2012°F).

The pipe and tube shall be furnished in the solution-annealed condition and heat treated at a
certain range of temperature by subsequent quenching in water or rapidly cooling by other


The high nickel and molybdenum content gives Incoloy 28 Pipe and Incoloy 28 Tube an
excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking phenomena. They are particularly used for high
temperature applications (140 – 400°C to 284 – 752°F) and chloride containing environments.
Alloy 28 is particularly well designed for sour gas applications and has been successfully tested
at 230°C (446°F).

Physical Properties

Grade Density (g/cm3) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K)

Specific Heat

( J/Kg.K)

Electrical Resistivity (Ωmm2/m)
ALLOY 28 8 at 100°C 0-100°C at 20°C
12 450 1


The alloy is extensively used in phosphoric acid applications and some sulphuric solutions. Alloy
28 may also be used in caustic solutions since its molybdenum content remains low compared
with the nickel and chromium additions.

These super alloy Incoloy 28 are especially resistant to sulphuric and phosphoric acid and used
for chemical processing, pollution control equipment, oil and gas well piping, nuclear fuel
reprocessing, acid production and pickling equipment.