Manufacturing Quality Control

We aim to deliver high end products to meet the requirements of our customers. Quality control is given the topmost priority thus ensuring a purpose-oriented result and also minimizing the risk of equipment breakdown and downtown damages.

In order to comply with the standards and specifications of our customers, this web ambulance a multi-dimensional system is placed for quality control of products and processes being the base of an effective quality management system consisting of following elements:

  • Production planning
  • Organization of raw material
  • Operational or functional control
  • Quality acceptance
  • Certification of products
  • Corporate responsibility
Production Planning

At this phase of order acceptance and request analysis planning of product quality will be done following quality assurance and process charts method. This system enables analyzing and determining the personnel and equipments required for production control in elementary stages and series of technological operations tailored to ensure steady fulfillment of contractual obligation.

Organization of raw material

To attain products of the highest quality we follow an effective selection process for continuously building a network of raw material suppliers, abortion whose products match our quality standards.

Our final products seamless and welded pipes & tubes are manufactured from the basic raw material such as seamless hollows or mother pipes and coiled strips. This raw material is obtained in wide range of grades falling under stainless steel, Duplex steel and nickel alloy, each grade having different characteristics like corrosion resistance, heat resistance, creep resistance, high strength etc. thus categorizing their application in various industries.

Following inspection is carried out on incoming raw materials:
  • Material correlation with its set of documents.
  • Visual inspection of the raw materials.
  • In-house chemical testing of incoming material.
Operational or functional control

All operational activities are carried out under strict supervision of appointed professionals with a view of minimizing non-conformities and wastage at the production stage, thus producing final product which comply with the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Quality acceptance & Certification of products

After the completion of production stage all the finished products are subjected to quality check confirming the fulfillment of all the specifications agreed upon as per the contract.

  • Testing of the materials carried out as per the specifications.
  • On positive confirmation, material test certificate is issued.
  • In case of non-conformity of final products, the same are rejected in accordance with our quality management system.
  • We do accept the third party inspections in case if the customer’s request and accordingly the arrangements are made.
In order to meet the material testing requirements following In-house testing facilities are available:-
  • Spectro test (For testing chemical composition)
  • Hydro Testing (For checking any punctures in the tube)
  • Eddy Current testing (For checking any punctures in the tube)
  • Flare Test (For checking the strength of the welding)
  • Hardness test (For checking the hardness of the material)
  • Physical Test (To check Tensile, Yield Strength and Elongation properties)
Corporate Responsibility

We strive to be an environmentally responsible organization keeping a track on our carbon footprint to fulfill our corporate responsibility.